6 Surprising Organizing Hacks Your Inner OCD Will Love (#4 is Brilliant)

Even if you're not really OCD, we all love having our things organized into neat piles so that we can easily find them when we need them. 

1. Fold your grocery store plastic bags into neat triangles instead of jumbling them all together.

2. Place ribbons and labels through magazine holders.

3. Place your shelves upside down so that you create built-in organizers with the brackets. 

4. Got a messy purse? Get a purse organizer to place inside your purse!

Purse Organizer

via http://dailyoverstockclearance.com/products/the-wanderlust-travel-organizer

5. Turn a cereal box into a menu and flier holder. 

6. Velcro plastic boxes in your drawers to keep it organized.