Doggy Car Seat Cover - Over 100,000+ Sold Worldwide!

Doggy Car Seat Cover - Over 100,000+ Sold Worldwide!

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#1 Car Seat Cover for Pets
GUARANTEED to Protect Car Seats from Nail Scratches, Hair and Dirt

The Doggy Seat Cover is GUARANTEED to protect your car seats from nail scratching, hair and dirt. It comes in a universal size to fit to any back seat, 58 inches x 54 inches with adjustable straps. The Doggy Seat Cover is water and tear resistant with rubber backing to prevent slipping. It will help keep your dog from jumping up front or falling between seats. Designed with seat belt opening to use your back seat belts and any attachments as usual.

Features & Benefits:

• Universal size that fits any back seat.
• Water and Tear Resistant With Rubber to Prevent Slipping
• Keeps Your Dog From Jumping Up Front or Falling Between Seats
• Equipped With Seat Belt Opening to Use as Usual
• Made From High Quality Waterproof Polyster.
• Can Also Be Used In The Trunk