FingerPulse™ Digital Oximeter

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The FingerPulse™ Digital Oximeter can be used to measure your oxygen saturation level at any time, including at home, at work or during recreational activities. With the FingerPulse™ Digital Oximeter, you can monitor your ability to tolerate certain activities, help manage supplemental oxygen use, asthma, COPD, and even monitor your heart rate and oxygen saturation during sports or high-altitude activities. Have the power to always know what your body can handle with the FingerPulse™ Digital Oximeter!


  • Reliable accuracy and durability
  • Two Color OLED Display, six display modes
  • 4-Direction Display adjustable
  • Alarm setting
  • Low voltage indicator
  • Low power consumption = up to 50 hours continuous to work
  • Automatic power off when no signal
  • Small, Lightweight, and Extremely Portable
  • Widely used in hospital, home healthcare, oxygen bar, community medical centre, alpine area, sports healthcare etc
  • Batteries not included