Fit-2-Form Gym Duo

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With the Fit-2-Form Gym Duo, you can Double the Power, Double the Results! It uses a cutting edge dual contact muscle stimulation system that will greatly improve your muscle Strength & Endurance!

The Fit-2-Form Gym Duo works by creating reciprocating contractions that provide continuous positive and negative resistance to the targeted muscles. It provides the fastest results you have ever had!

Getting the Perfect body you want has never been this easy, because the Fit-2-Form Gym Duo is specially designed to target Any muscle area, anytime, anywhere! It defines muscles, builds strength, improves your figure, and many more!

The wireless system allows you to stick on the Fit-2-Form Gym Duo Easily. It is programmed with 6 muscle building programs, and 10 intensity levels per program. The ABS Plastic outer shell makes it Extremely Durable too!