Fitness Training Face Mask™

Fitness Training Face Mask™

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Ranked #1 Best Quality Face Mask of 2017  

The most versatile mask available, providing excellent filtration against most types of pollution a cyclist is likely to encounter. This new mask uses a Dynamic Activated Charcoal Cloth filter to filter the worst of urban pollution! In addition the mask also uses a HepA-type filter to screen out sub-micron pollutants such as pollens and respirable dusts.

The two built-in techno valves are placed to allow easier exhalation, which is particularly important as they release heat, water vapor and carbon dioxide.

It is designed with a contoured shape for a good seal and comfortable fit and Velcro pads for easy application. Made from hypo-allergenic Neoprene giving a comfortable and secure fit. The filter is designed for normal daily use.

Available in 3 colors.