LED Turn Signal Biker Backpack

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#1 Solution to Increased Cycling Safety

Meet the latest innovation in bicycle safety, LED Turn Signal Backpack. This newly redesigned backpack now has the ability to indicate your turn signals. Not only can you ensure you can carry your belongings with you, but you will be able increase your safety on the road. Simply attach the remote to your handle bar and you will have access to your turn signals. Increase visibility and increase your safety. This is a must have for every cyclist and makes a great gift too!


  • The Safe Led Signal Pack for Running, Cycling, Walking
  • USB Rechargeable,save power. Built in lithium Battery,easy to charge the pack.
  • Wireless control,safely use when riding.Tied the wireless transmitter on the bike,so you never has to take their hands off the handlebar.
  • The wireless signal does not interfere with each other, if Multi-user are using it at close range concurrently.
  • It has 4 Led signals: left, right, forward, stop, from turn signals to emergency signals, to reminder drivers for keeping their distance.