Survival Buddy™ Camping Tool

Survival Buddy™ Camping Tool

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#1 Multifunction Outdoor Survival Tool

 The Survival Buddy™ is an essential tool for the outdoor enthusiast. This 10-in-1 Camping Survival tool includes a thermometer, hygrometer, mirror, compass, level, magnifying glass, ruler, LED flashlight, whistle and flint starter. An absolutely necessary addition to your survival kit, this tool is compact enough to fit in any travel pack. Perfect for hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, backpacking or climbing. Don't take on the great outdoors without a Survival Buddy™ Camping Tool!


Survival Buddy™ Includes:

  • Thermometer: Measure the ambient temperature.
  • Hygrometer: Measure the ambient relative humidity.
  • LED Flashlight: Light your way through the darkness.
  • Mirror: Reflect sunlight and emits light signals.
  • Level Meter: Measure the level degree.
  • Compass: Measure for magnetic azimuth.
  • Whistle: Call for help or send out a sound signal.
  • Flint Starter: Make a fire.
  • Magnifier: Find coordinates on a map.
  • Ruler: Measure distance.