The Perfect Pet Vac™

The Perfect Pet Vac™

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#1 Solution for Grooming Cats and Dogs

The Perfect Pet Vac™ is safe to use and will not hurt your pet. It's gentle and quiet without making loud noises that might alarm or panic your pet. Start with a brushing motion to massage your pet and gently loosen hair. Then turn on vacuum to clean up loose hair. Also suitable for cleaning sofa, bedding, car seats and carpet.

How to Use:
Step 1:Insert three AA batteries, press the black on/off button to start
Step 2:Groom your pet in the same direction as hair growth
Step 3:Fur will accumulate inside the transparent box
Step 4:Open the transparent box and dump the fur into the garbage bin

Note: As the Perfect Pet Vac does make some noise while it is running, some pets might get startled with the new sound. We recommend slowly transitioning your pets to get used to the noise to get comfortable and have better results.

Power Source: 3x AA Batteries (Not Included)
Package Size: 7.87" x 4.72" x 2.76" (20cm x 12cm x 7cm)