TravelPet™ Pet Booster Seat

TravelPet™ Pet Booster Seat

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#1 Car Boost Seat for Pets
Over 110,000+ Sold Worldwide!

The TravelPet™ Pet Booster Seat provides the ultimate ride for your cat or dog. This revolutionary seat is suspended above your car seat, allowing your furry companion to see out of your car window, reducing stress and tension during travel. The TravelPet™ Pet Booster Seat features a very comfortably padded interior, with a built-in harness feature to keep your pet safe and secure. The TravelPet™ Pet Booster Seat also saves ware and tear on your seats, keeping your car looking new!

Features & Benefits:

  • Keeps your pet safe during travel
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Allows your dog or cat to see out of the window
  • Includes built-in internal harness
  • Keeps your car seats looking new