Ultimate Caulk Tool Kit

Ultimate Caulk Tool Kit

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The Caulk Tool Kit will give you the perfect finish to grouting, applying silicone, even scraping away excess glue or grime. This durable, environmentally plastic is easy to clean. Simply use it to complete the finish you require, clean and store. A quick easy solution to a professional finish. A durable product that offers you a professional finish to any DIY project. The Caulk Tool Kit even offers your day to day solutions in your home. Use the Edge Tool to clean away stubborn dirt and grime in hard to reach places such as around stove top elements or tap fittings. Wrap your Caulk Tool into an all purpose cloth and you have enough leverage to clean away mildew in showers, on show glass doors or even your tub and kitchen sink. A convenient tool that works for DIY, on the job site or even in the home, offers you convenience, easy to clean and portable enough to carry anywhere.


  • Made from environmental friendly material, fully recyclable, durable and easy to use. 
  • 4 specially designed finishing tools to create perfect edges every time. 
  • Easy to clean, use soapy water or cloth to clean the tools.
  • Works great with grout, silicone or even just scraping away glue and grime.