World's Smallest Bluetooth Earphone - For Android and iPhones

World's Smallest Bluetooth Earphone - For Android and iPhones

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We created a Wireless Earpiece that is so Simple, Beautiful and Small that it fits perfectly into your ear and can hardly be seen while you are driving a car, working in office or exercising outdoor.


Each earpiece was specially designed to fit Perfectly and Securely into your ear. You can easily answer your phone or listen to music with ONE SIMPLE CLICK. With Build-in HD and sensitivity microphone, it is ideal for in-car calling, office use and outdoor exercises. 

Secret Earpiece was engineered to provide True Universal Fit. It works with any bluetooth mobile device including iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 6/6S plus, iPhone 5/5s and Android Devices. Includes USB cable, you can quickly charge your earpiece and it gives you 4 hours talk time and 3 to 4 days standby

Package Includes: 1 Earpiece and 1 Charging USB cable. 

Dimensions: 5.5 inches / 14 cm
Weight: 2g

WARNING: ONLY charge by plugging into your computer. Do not use a higher amperage charger.